Our dear beloved dogs that now are in heaven.

We loved you all soo much.

Nuch Pyrytuulen Merenneito.(Fivah)


Nuch Pyrytuulen Merenneito,Fivah 9,5 years old.

Fivah was our little beautyful  and friendly girl from Finland.

She is the mother to our F-Litter.

Fivah was always such a friendly girl who loved all people.

Fivah did very well in the showring .

Love you and miss you forever  little angel.


Arina Show Girl .(Rina)


My number one,my soulmate and best friend, no words can ever describe how much i miss you,my tears will never stop again and my heart is broken.

I was so lucky to have you and i will never forget you,my beautyful Rina.

Rina was from our first litter and she was so shy that i just had to have her myself, thank good for that.

We had Rina for almost 13 years and she will be remembered as the strange" person" she was by many people, everyone that know me (Hanne)

knows that Rina was a very special soul.

Words can dot describe the  huge whole that now are in our hearts.

Love you and miss you for ever my friend.


Nuch Rainbows End's Know How. (Certa)


Nuch Rainbows End's Know How

Certa was the daugther of our male Finca Dellie's Dalamar Monty,

she was a very friendly and sweet female, she did well both in the Show ring and in the Obedience ring in her younger days.

Certa was always happy and ready to train and do stuff with us.

Certa will always be remembered as the sweet dog everybody loved.

She came to us at 9 weeks from Kennel Rainbows End's .

We will miss you always.


Finca Dellie's Dalamar Monty.(Monty)


Finca Dellie's Dalamar Monty.

Monty was our second Tervueren and first male. He came to us when he was 9 weeks old and lived with us for almost 14 year's.

Monty loved all people and was a very strong and dominant male, he had one litter at Kennel Rainbow's End and from that litter we got our Nuch Rainbow's End Know How (Certa).

Monty have left a huge whole in our heart's and will be missed for ever.


Finca Dellie's Bonita Chiqua.(Bonita)


Bonita was our first Tervueren, we bougth her in 1992 and had our first litter out of her in 1996.

Bonita was only 5,5 years old when we had to put her to sleep because her temperament changed so much and she could not bee trusted with people or our other dogs. 

Loved and missed. 

Hexen House Chantal.(Rava)


Rava only got to bee 6 years old when she got an extreemly bad infection in her stomac, nothing could stop the really bad diare and womiting.

Rava passed away at home in my arms , we loved her so much and we are missing her so much!!!

Rava was the mother to both our C litter and D litter.