News at Certavia 2012.





We have a new girl,her name is Kiss N Tell van Moned.



Nuch Certavia's Enterah was confirmed pregnant, puppie's are due around 20 Mai.

Sire: Nuch Chevy's Kariff

Dame: Nuch Certavia's Enterah

For more innfo contakt: Kennel Jakanto,(Laila Aske/Kristian Sandvik.)


Certavia's Gevani & Certavia's Getanah have both been x-rayed on Hips and Elbows.

Both are free with Hips A ,Elbows A

April 2012.



We got the sad news that Certavia's Berak (e:Uraz van de Hoge Laer u: Rainbows End's Know How) have passed away.

He was 12 years  this January.


New photos of Certavia's Gevani.

Certavia's Gevani             Certavia's Chatai 

Certavia's Gevani & Certavia's Chatai